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Warrior Custom Shop Six String Bass Guitar

Retail: $6,500

Warrior Custom Shop Six String Bass Guitar
Maple Burl Top with Purple Heart

Warrior Custom Shop Six String Bass – Maple Burl Top

Take a look at this six string beauty. This is a magnificent Bass Guitar from the Warrior Custom Shop. As with all of their custom instruments they started with a wonderful blend of exotic woods to create a work of art that thunders and sings when played.

A neck through design of Walnut and Purple Heart, it is topped with a beautiful Maple Burl that is sculpted to give it this form. The pick ups are covered with matching maple burl along with the matching knobs. The hardware is all gold and massive. As with all five and six string Bass Guitars from Warrior the larger gauge strings are anchored through the end of the body to reduce stress and extend their life.

On the back of this instrument you see the through neck design with the striking Purple Heart strip down the center that extend from the tail of the bass to the top of the head stock. The neck is sculpted out where the neck meets the body adding to its unique form but also allows access to all six strings at the last fret. This is very hard to do and still look good doing it.

As with the Warrior Five string Model this instrument both thunders and sings when played. It has the brightest acoustic tone for any bass I have played but plug it in, please!