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Warrior Custom Shop Five String Bass Guitar

Style: Solid Body Double Cutaway
Body: A laminate of Maple Walnut, Redwood and Purple Heart
Fretboard: Rosewood
Condition: Mint/New
Case: Warrior Deluxe Hard Shell
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Retail: $6,500

Warrior Custom Shop Five String Bass Guitar
Double Cutaway Laminated Exotic Woods

Warrior Custom Shop Five String Bass Guitar with laminated Exotic Woods

This is another example of the Warrior craftsmen experimenting with different exotic wood combinations. In this case we have a laminate of various woods and colors with dramatic results. The through neck design is made of Walnut and Purple Heart surrounded by a body of maple caped with Redwood on the top and bottom.

When the bass’s shape is sculpted it reveals portions of the laminate exposing various woods and allowing the vibrant colors to play off each other. It has matching wooden knobs with black hardware and tuners. This is another beautiful Warrior instrument that sounds great too.