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Breedlove CM Custom Master Class Calendar Guitar in All Myrtle

Top:  Highly Figured Myrtle
Body: High Figured Myrtle
Binding: Walnut
Electronics: N/A
Fretboard: Ebony with Fish Inlay
Neck: Solid Maple with Gold Grover Tuners
Case: Breedlove Deluxe Hard Shell
Warranty: Used
Retail: $7,000.00
Imagine Price: $5,000.00

Breedlove Custom Master Class CM Calendar Guitar in all Myrtlewood

Breedlove produces what they call their Calendar Series which is a limited production run of very unique customized instruments corresponding to each month of a particular year. Normally the production is limited to only 10 to 15 instruments total so they are very rare indeed. Since they are usually snapped up immediately by collectors they are very hard to find as well.

When you combine Breedlove’s award winning CM acoustic guitar body style with a Calendar guitar using only the finest select grade Myrtlewood, Master Class bindings and a unique Abalone and Mother of Pearl inlay of a wild Salmon, you end up with a rare beautiful instrument.

We are lucky to offer this Limited Edition 2005 Calendar CM number 12 of 12 for that year. Each of these instruments was built from wood from the same gorgeous billet of Myrtlewood that Kim Breedlove had been saving for years for just such an occasion. Originally planed for 15 instruments, there was only enough wood for 12, and building three more with wood any less spectacular seemed a shame so they chose to stop at 12 with this run.

This beautiful instrument comes with a select and highly figured Myrtle wood top and matching body with Master Class Bindings in Walnut. It has the Master Class Abalone Rosette with a Walnut rim inside the sound hole. The neck is solid Maple with an Ebony fret board and Gold Grover tuners. The Fret Board is decorated with an intricate and colorful Abalone and Mother of Pearl inlay of a wild Salmon from the Northwest Indian tradition.

As with all CM Body designs this instrument sounds wonderful with rich full tone across the whole spectrum, with solid bass and mid range. The all Myrtlewood construction gives it a crisp bright over all tone as well.  Truly a one of a kind unique instrument and highly collectable, this guitar was purchased new and rarely played but rather the center piece of an acoustic collection. Here is a great opportunity to own a stunningly beautiful Breedlove CM Calendar guitar in pristine condition.