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Breedlove CM Custom Master Class Asymmetrical Concert Guitar

Top: Western Red Cedar
Body: Rosewood
Binding: Ivory
Electronics: LR Baggs Dual Source
Fretboard: Ebony with Linear Fusion Inlay
Neck: Solid Mahogany with Gold Gotoh Tuners
Case: Breedlove Deluxe Hard Shell
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Style: Asymmetrical Concert, Sharp Cut.
Condition: Mint/New
Retail: $7,199
Breedlove CM Custom Master Class Asymmetrical Concert Guitar

Breedlove CM Custom Master Class Asymmetrical Concert,Deep body, sharp Cut

If you have ever seen and advertisement for Breedlove Guitars it is likely you saw a picture of the uniquely shaped CM body style with all the inlay they could tastefully add. The asymmetrical shape of the CM’s body is the one Breedlove that you can spot immediately from across the room.

Normally the CM comes with a Western Red Cedar top and Walnut body. This one was special ordered with a beautiful Rosewood body that makes it very rare, and we all know what Rosewood sounds like. This instrument was further customized with an LR Baggs Dual Source pickup system.

The neck is solid Mahogany with Gold Gotoh tuners. The fretboard is ebony with Linear Fusion Inlay. It has a wide rosette of mother of pearl that offsets the Western Red Cedar top. The unique shape of the CM has other advantages. The longer more flexible bass side and the shorter stiffer treble side provide a platform to truly brace and voice the instrument for balance and efficient high performance acoustics.

This instrument absolutely sings! Bright and loud with loads of natural harmonics, in fact a light touch on the 12th fret rings out sweet harmonics that last for days. I play every instrument I get here so that I can honestly tell you what to expect, and I almost could not put this one down. A lot of people will choose this instrument for looks alone especially with the custom upgrades this one has, but even blind folded you could easily pick out this guitar from a room full of others instruments.There is no mistaking its lush tone