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George and Leo, circa 1980

All of these fine instruments are in stock and currently for sale.

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G & L Guitars

Imagine Guitars is proud to have in-stock, G & L Guitars. Leo Fender passed away on a rainy day in March of 1991, an event which shook the Music World: The father of modern music was gone. It was on that very day that Leo had completed his last prototype instrument, after which he declared to his wife Phyllis that he had given all he can to the musicians of the world.

Before his passing, he wanted to be sure that the legacy of G&L would continue to shine even brighter in the future. He knew that he must look after the people of G&L, his family, so that they would reamin secure and free to continue building the finest guitars and basses in the world.

[USED]: Used Intrument
[NEW]: New/Retail Instrument
[1YW]: One Year Factory Warranty
[LTW]: Limited Lifetime Factory Warranty
[LHSC]: Logo Hardshell Case
[DHSC]: Deluxe Hardshell Case

Featured In-Stock
G&L Legacy Double Cutaway Guitar Leo Fender’s New Version of a Strat in Bright Blue
G&L are making great classic instruments and this example is no exception. The Legacy is essentially a Stat style design done well with great materials. more...

Retail: $1,499
Imagine: $1,095
G&L Legacy Guitar in Red with Maple Neck Leo Fender’s Classic Strat design
This is another example of a classic Leo Fender design in bright red with a maple neck and tremolo. more...

Retail: $1,400
Imagine: $1,080
G&L ASAT Solid Body Electric Guitar Single Cut Telecaster Style
If you like the Fender Telecaster style guitar, this is a beautiful example. The Trans Blue color is striking and shows the wood grain beneath. more...

Retail: $1,500
Imagine: $1,095
G&L Comanche Solid Body Double Cutaway Guitar A Fender Strat Style Guitar with off set Comanche pickups
This is a solidly made G&L Comanche similar to their Legacy model with the Stratocaster lines but with three off set pickups and tremolo. more...

Retail: $1,750
Imagine: $1,295
G&L ASAT Solid Body Single Cutaway Guitar Prototype Variation on the Fender Telecaster shape
This is a prototype variant of the ASAT with the familiar Telecaster style solid body single cutaway body with some improvements that we like a lot. more...

Retail: $1,650
Imagine: $1,495
G&L ASAT Trans Orange Hollow Body Guitar Fender Telecaster style single cutaway
This is another example of a beautiful G&L ASAT. more...

Retail: $1,650
Imagine: $1,195