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G&L Legacy Double Cutaway Guitar

Style: Solid Body Double Cutaway
Body: 1962 Chevy Metal Flake Blue
Fretboard: Rosewood over Maple
Condition: Mint/New
Case: Molded Hard Shell
Warranty: One Year
Retail Price: $1,499
G&L Legacy Double Cutaway Guitar

Leo Fender’s New Version of a Strat in Bright Blue

G&L are making great classic instruments and this example is no exception. The Legacy is essentially a Stat style design done well with great materials. The body color is straight from an early sixties Chevy and beautiful. My camera sure liked as you can see. It has a clear maple neck with rosewood fret board and chrome hardware. It sports Sperzel tuners and the traditional tremolo and through the body strings. My friends at the beach sure like the color on this instrument.