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Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde Distortion & Overdrive Effects Pedal

The latest 2008 version. Another great 2-in-1 effect from Visual Sound, 2 channels contain almost any overdrive or distortion sound you could ever want… Read More:

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Visual Sounds Jekyll & Hyde Overdrive and Distortion Pedal:

The new V2 Series gives the same great tone guitarist have come to love plus an added noise reduction system. Each channel has separate controls, but with the ability to use them individually or together. The Jekyll overdrive channel accurately reproduces the sound of the TS-808 Tube-screamer, but with a Bass Boost switch and far more output volume than the original. Hyde is more than just a turbo version of Jekyll. With heavier distortion and more bottom end, it is extremely versatile. From Blues to Metal and everything in between, Jekyll & Hyde delivers.

Audio Samples:

For what I do, I can't imagine a better drive unit. Used as a low gain, overdrive/boost to kick the amp hard, or just add a little color and dirt, it's amazing. I have been playing for twenty two years, sixteen of them professionally, and I have tried just about every dirt box ever made. This one gives me some of the best attributes of a couple of my favorites, but with more headroom and improved EQ capabilities.

Great straight up rock sound. I play rock from 60's to today, and I have no problems with this unit. Like I said take the time to adjust it, use your ear. I use the Hyde side as a booster for lead work and it sounds great.

The real stroke of genius is packaging two related effects in a single pedal with the stomp switches close together. With one press you can turn either or both effects on or off or toggle between one effect and the other. The "home plate" shape of the pedals may also be useful. I have both the Route 66 and the H2O and have experimented with placing them at 45 degrees to each other so all the stomp switches are in a cluster. I've been able to toggle useful combinations of three or four switches at once.