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Visual Sound H2O Liquid Chorus & Echo Effects Pedal

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Visual Sounds H2O Liquid Chorus & Echo:

Warm! Liquid! Lush! The new V2 Series H2O gives the same great tone guitarist have come to love over the years. Chorus, Echo, or both…use each channel by itself or combine them just as you would two separate pedals! The Chorus channel is a wonderfully voiced effect for electric, acoustic, or bass guitar, using pure analog circuitry. At the heart of the Chorus circuit are custom designed Visual Sound “bucket brigade” chips. Use the Norm/Lush switch to set the overall style of Chorus and the user-friendly knobs for the settings. The Echo channel is a hybrid digital and analog circuit for the best of both worlds…long delay times with warm, natural repeats. There is even a second (non-effected) output jack for stereo amplifier setups.

Adrian Clark: “A character of its own. Capable of some very classy sounds, covering a wide range of musical possibilities…”

Audio Samples: :

I play indie rock, some classic rock as well. Works great for both, very happy with this pedal. Great buy for the money.

This is the most versatile and great sounding pedal for the money. Again, two pedals in one and totally independent of each other. I looked at other products that cost 300-500 dollars for one of these effects let alone two this one does the trick. I would even go as far as saying this is probably better than most of the more expensive models. The construction reminds me of Fulltone products, complete quality. I'm going to start looking at other pedals this company makes and if they're anything like this one I'm definitely buying them.

I love this pedal. I’m sure there are some high end chorus pedals that have more control over the effect but I like a subtle chorus on most of the time so I just needed a little. I play Blues, Rock and a little Jazz. The chorus makes my clean sound full and warm. The echo is great to use as a reverb, but that’s just how I use it. It’s capable to be use in more extreme manners, if that makes any sense. If it were stolen I would look around but wouldn’t be surprised if I arrived back to the H2O. It’s just great for the price.