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Visual Sound Double Trouble Overdrive Effects Pedal

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Visual Sound Double Trouble Overdrive pedal:

Stevie Ray Vaughn was one of a kind…get his tone with Double Trouble.

Everyone loves the Visual Sound overdrive channel in the Jekyll & Hyde and Route 66 pedals. It is designed to accurately reproduce the sound of the TS-808 Tube-screamer, but with a Bass Boost switch and far more output volume than the original. Over the years, we have had many requests to put two of these overdrives into one pedal, allowing for two different settings and the ability to use them together…like the famous guitarist from Austin use to do. It has all the advantages of V2 Series construction plus the addition of an innovative noise reduction system.

Audio Samples:

I'd have to say that after years of fiddling with different pedals, amps and guitars I have settled on the basics and simplicity. The Visual sound pedals with my strat and blackface amp "just work" and have the tone that I have always been after. Bob Weil and the Visual Sound folks seem to have a knack for getting it right and listening to their players.