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Keeley Compressor Effects Pedal

Imagine Price: $225.00
Quantity: 2

Robert Keeley Java Boost:
Looking for the Ultimate in Boosters? The Perfect Boost for your main overdrive pedal? From Surf to FUZZ...the best cutting and biting tone from a pedal!

The Java Boost is NOT AT ALL related to the TS9 or Blues Driver, OR ANY distortion or overdrive pedal. Boss or Ibanez don't make anything like it! It is a Treble Booster by design, not a typical overdrive or distortion pedal. That means, the higher the note played, the more it gets amplified... and then, by your amp, distorted. Bass Notes get Cut in two of the modes on the java boost!

It is critical to use this pedal with the amp set to a bit of overdrive or clipping already to get a great sound from this pedal. For example, setting the java boost in front of a very clean amp with the volume on 1-2 will surely result in a horrible guitar tone.

Set the amp for some breakup, say at 4-5, the amp is already making some Texas Dirt Tones (break-up/overdrive), then click the java on, you will have a fantastic sound and see why people rave about the Java Boost.

Audio Samples: Coming Soon

I love this pedal, especially to take an already nicely tube distorted amp to a complete new level!

I play anything from Shred Metal to Southern Rock to Country. The Java Boost sounds different with each style, but is also eminently suitable for each. Honestly, you can't beat it. Want to put a little more punch and edge into your sound? This is what you want. For the overall rating, I am compelled to give it a "10.”  The Java Boost has become an essential tool in my arsenal. And it'll stay there.

As stated above I have been playing guitar for well over 20 years, and for over 20 years I've bought ALOT of pedals, amps and guitars. I play everything from 60's-70's rock/blues to modern metal. This pedal KILLS! It is absolutely bar none the coolest pedal I have ever owned.