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Robert Keeley True Bypass Looper:
This is an incredibly small true-bypass looper box from Keeley Electronics! This little wonder is only 1 inch wide and 3 inches tall. This will fit in the tightest of pedal boards and offer you a dramatic improvement in tone. Connect any effect to this unit that is "old school" and not true-bypass. In particular Vintage wahs, echos, phasers, fuzz face type pedals, etc. or even new effects that might have a weak bypass system. These elderly effects rob tone when they are off. You can make them truly bypassed when off now with this little box. It works with or without power. When you add a DC supply to this unit the two LED let you know if the loop is active or not. BLUE LED indicates your signal is passing through the vintage effect, RED LED indicates true-bypass.

"It’s a true bypass box and it does what it says it does with ease and beautiful simplicity. No noise, no popping. Use good cable, and less of it in between effects and you'll get less noise and more tone. It gets a 10. No noise, so it’s a top product."

Robert Keeley Compressor:
Better than a Ross Compressor clone, the Keeley Compressor is a true audiophile and studio grade compressor that sounds incredible!

The Keeley Compressor effect has nothing but tone tested components and has TRUE BYPASS switching. Effect switching incorporates a triple pole-double throw switch so that you'll have clean unaffected sound when in the bypass mode AND an LED for effect indication. Metal film resistors and capacitors ensure the cleanest compressor on the market. Hand matched transistors (to less than 1% tolerance) ensure you get a perfectly compressed signal with no chance for unwanted distortion. For those wanting a better tone than that of Trey Anastasio from Phish or David Gilmore of Pink Floyd or the Edge of U2 this is it! Nashville/Country guys: you don't know what you're missing. Toss that old red Dyna Comp and stay one step better than the other guy's tone! The TOP Studio Guitar Player in Japan, Masaki Matsubara, uses a Keeley Compressor! The Top studio guitar player of Puerto Rico uses a Keeley Compressor.

Robert Keeley Fuzz Head:
Designed to work like Fuzz Face pedals that many players use as a LEAD BOOST. A Fuzz Face can be muddy, lacking note definition, too bassy, and lacking sustain. An overdrive can be not enough or too smooth. In contrast Keeley's design is transparent, has a better frequency response, and gives you that cutting edge for lead breaks.

"This is a great pedal. I'm really surprised at how much fun and how great it really sounds. I bought four distortion/fuzzes around the same time as this one (with the idea that I'd be keeping all of them. Interestingly enough, out of the four boxes I bought, this one is my favorite! It just does what I wanted the others to do, but better! It has the fuzz tone (actually THE tone) that I was hearing in my head for this new band, but BETTER! I didn't think I could get as much thick, meaty, fuzzy tone as I could with this pedal, without losing note separation. I'm very impressed, VERY impressed. I will defiantly buy another one if I lost it."

Robert Keeley Java Boost:
Looking for the Ultimate in Boosters? The Perfect Boost for your main overdrive pedal? From Surf to FUZZ...the best cutting and biting tone from a pedal!

The Java Boost is NOT AT ALL related to the TS9 or Blues Driver, OR ANY distortion or overdrive pedal. Boss or Ibanez don't make anything like it! It is a Treble Booster by design, not a typical overdrive or distortion pedal. That means, the higher the note played, the more it gets amplified... and then, by your amp, distorted. Bass Notes get Cut in two of the modes on the java boost!

It is critical to use this pedal with the amp set to a bit of overdrive or clipping already to get a great sound from this pedal. For example, setting the java boost in front of a very clean amp with the volume on 1-2 will surely result in a horrible guitar tone.

Keeley Katana:
The Keeley Katana is a cutting pre-amp. It delivers a wealth of tone and clean boosting. Want to keep your original tone with just a dash of sparkle and shimmer added, then have the control to boost it to any volume? This is it. The Katana is a fat, harmonically rich boost. Use it all the time to push your amp harder, or as an occasional boost to cut through the mix.

Two Modes:
  1. Pure Clean: With the Speedo knob pushed in, think of it as a volume control that goes to 20.
  2. High Gain: With the Speedo knob pulled out, it's a cutting boost with a bit of gain. Not quite an overdrive, just some grit and edge to the tone. In this mode you get a cutting shimmer added to your tone. Perfect for Humbucker Guitars!

Keeley Time Machine Boost:
The Legendary Tones Time Machine Boost™ has a wide range of uses. Use the Time Machine Boost to further overdrive your tube amplifier into more harmonically rich distortion or as a preamp to strengthen the output signal of your guitar's pickups. Its two foot switchable channels with independent volume levels provide further dynamics, tone shaping, and versatility.