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The Heavy Electronics Ascend is a refined one knob clean boost. Discrete analog design allows this exquisite boost to be balanced and true. Wonderfully transparent and clear, yet powerful. Drives reverb tanks beautifully with its strong and concise low end. At the extreme push can even be used to drive tube amplifiers into distortion, allowing the pedal (and your guitar) to speak through the voice of the amp in a new way.

Red Eyes

The Heavy Electronics Red Eyes overdrive represents a new versatility within the world of overdrive. Level and Gain controls as expected, matched with an impeccable 6-way voicing switch that allows you to finally sit in the sweet spot for your guitar and amp. This simple and effective switch has endless applications from cleaning up muddy humbuckers to adding fat to single-coils.

Grind Fuzz

Finally, a fuzz that maintains note definition. This discrete fuzz hybrid by Heavy Electronics creates a lovely result that boasts plenty of fuzz and sustain but allows tighter definition of chords and arpeggios. Its clarity allows the Grind Fuzz to approach so many applications where fuzz never made sense before.

Hwy 77

A set it and forget it distortion rock box. Hwy-77 is designed to simply feed thick and meaty distortion into your amp. Simple in function, Level and Gain controls are sensitive and accentuate what playing style. Bright switch provides for more variation and forces the tone to tighten up on low end rock.

Radio Havana

Radio Havana breaks all the rules and provides a tone thats reminiscent of a small transistor radio. Tinny with washed frequencies. This discrete engineered pedal loves to find the odd frequencies and push them to the forefront. Gain knob not only delivers overdrive but increases interactivity between frequencies, sometimes allowing notes to oscillate between each-other.

Descriptions Courtesy of Harmony Central