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Carl Martin Two Faze Effects Pedal

Imagine Price: $259.00
Quantity: 1

The Carl Martin Two Faze is a dual vintage phase shift foot pedal. It was designed by Holm Malmquist to combine the old vintage style phase shifting with the modern technology’s advantages in improved quality in sound and headroom performance. It has two identical but independent sets of speed controls. Each “Phase shifter” has an LED indicator that lights up when in use and also flashes as an indication of the speed setting.

The Carl Martin Two Faze has a mono input/output via quarter inch jacks. The “on” switch allows you to engage or bypass the Two Faze. The “select” switch allows you to switch between the two Phase settings mid song or mid set without having to get down on your knees to alter the controls.

Audio Samples: Coming Soon

It sounds like my old keyboard players Mastro phaser, the one with funny colored knobs, it has the same warm tone, very good at fast speeds too, but it is the slow sweep that delivers the ear candy! Sounds good for everything from old VH to Eagles. I think that I'll get one more for my home setup.

I play old style rock, from Johnny Winter to VH, this thing has all I need in a phaser, a pure unit. Love the slow sweeps, gives you that almost hollow tone, very nice in solo's. The fast and middle stuff is cool for rhythm and texture pieces. I have a Phase90 and a old Boss, I like all three of them, the CM sounds every bit as good as the others and is very convenient. A very useful tool indeed.