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Carl Martin Surf Trem Effects Pedal

Imagine Price: $98.00
Quantity: 1

Remember the great tremolo tones of the 50’s and 60’s? The Carl Martin “Surf Trem” gets its’ tremolo circuit from the Carl Martin Tremovibe. With just a “speed” and “depth” control (just like our old tube amp) those classic tones are easy to achieve. The retro heavy die cast case with 9 volt battery compartment makes the “Surf Trem” a must have in every pedal box.

Audio Samples: Coming Soon

This pedal is exactly what I was looking for, which is the trem effect of a blackface Fender amp that my modern Fender tube amp lacks. I can't imagine a pedal that does this better. I use it in a variety of ways. Slow (several second) sweep, with depth set around 10:00, faster vibe (3 sweeps/ beat) with more depth, high rate augmenting my overdrive pedal. I'm about to get a compressor, and assume I need to put the compressor upstream of this pedal so it doesn't strive to cancel the trem's effect. I would replace this pedal without a second thought if it were lost. I love the powerful, glorious teal color and sturdy metal case. By far the most attractive pedal on my board.