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Carl Martin Hot Drive n Boost MK3 Effects Pedal

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The anniversary Carl Martin Hot Drive’n Boost MK3, featuring a complete new overdrive design that gives an even more authentic “tube” simulating overdrive than the original HDB, which is known to be one of the best.

The new HDB MK3 sounds like a tweaked up quality tube amp, and on the contrary to nearly every other overdrive pedal, it does not change the original tone, has no midrange pronouncement, less low end cut off and no high end cut off. All of that gives it a tone of clear brilliant tube drive.

With the BOOST feature the Carl Martin Hot Drive’n Boost MK3 is a “TWO IN ONE” pedal. That allows you to get the extra “kick” (up 20db) for solos to really stand out.

Audio Samples: Coming Soon

With the Carl Martin HDB MK3 in drive mode, I was stoked with the range afforded bt the Gain knob, which provided everything from subtle splashes of dirt to complete molten meltdown. The sound remained smooth and musical no matter how much distortion was piled on, and dynamically sensitive to my picking attack and guitar’s volume.

Good for several styles, it just becomes one with my amps.
Got a lot of other stuff too that I have collected for +20 years now, this one is still on the top end of the pile, as described it is a natural part of the whole sound now.
Works for rock to blues in my case.
Even for some old time fusion playing.