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Carl Martin DeLayla Effects Pedal

Imagine Price: $364.00
Quantity: 1

The Carl Martin DeLayla was designed and developed with one goal in mind: To create a superior analog delay pedal, incorporating some of the same features used in vintage tape delay units. To achieve this, we have incorporated a second delay tap (similar to using two heads simultaneously on a tape delay). The TAP footswitch is used to turn the second tap on or off. The TAP knob controls the mix of main delay vs. second tap delay. Clockwise movement favors the second tap; counter clockwise favors the main delay.

The Carl Martin DeLayla also features a built in regulated (+- 12V) power supply. The result is a warm, smooth sound reminiscent of the vintage tape units used in the 1950’s and 60’s.

The Carl Martin DeLayla is able to capture one of the hardest sounds: That authentic rock ‘n roll slap-back echo that digital processors are unable to emulate.

Audio Samples: Coming Soon

I really think this is one of the best if not the best analog delay pedal out there. I prefer this to the moog unit which I used to have but never liked its decay characteristic. This sounds very close but I find it more useful for guitar.