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Carl Martin Contour & Boost Effects Pedal

Imagine Price: $196.00
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The Carl Martin Contour & Boost is especially designed to boost up, and change the sound (contour) of electric guitar/bass. The Carl Martin Contour & Boost circuitry is of phase linear design, using high quality components. This ensures sonic clarity and midrange emphasis which is so important for electric guitar.

The Carl Martin Contour & Boost is designed as a High Pass (low cut) and Low Pass (high cut) filter, with a fixed X-over frequency at 440Hz. The High Pass filter operates from 65Hz to 440Hz, and the Low Pass filter from 440Hz to 8KHz. Both filters are individually sweepable, with a boost range of up to 12db. With these filters it is possible to change the sound (contour) in any way your creativity allows you.

The Carl Martin Contour & Boost has a built in, regulated (+- 12V) power supply which enables us to design circuitry of the highest quality with maximum headroom. Please note that when using this unit with other effect devices, always place the Contour & Boost after any distortion units, otherwise the distortion unit will limit what you can achieve with the Contour & Boost.

Audio Samples: Coming Soon

It is simple and powerful, silent and has a wide area that it can cover.
Good for both clean and dirty shaping’s, from spank to mean.

This is really a nice box for country lead guitar

I bought the Contour'n'Boost as a replacement for my previous booster, a Carl Martin Hot Drive'n'Boost. I had removed the distortion switch as I never used it. That one worked fine; made my clean sound louder. But with the Contour'n'boost I can see further possibilities.. As I was messing around between two songs I found a nice sound, bypassed it when the others started playing, and when I kicked it in for a solo I was blown away: Suddenly my big bodied mahogany Gibson sounded like a telecaster. That was so cool! I got really excited, and every little twiddling with the knobs created a new sound. That is really great for me, because I don’t use any effects, just the clean sound from my twin (and a little distortion for a couple of songs, but not for lead). Now I can have a darkish rhythm sound with the treble pickup, and kick in the boost for a sound that cuts through the rest of the band (acoustic, pedal steel, bass and drums) AWESOME!