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Carl Martin Combinator 2 Multi-Effects Pedal

Imagine Price: $623.00
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The Carl Martin Combinator 2 was designed and developed in response to many requests from guitar players who use lots of effects pedals, but are frustrated by having to press several footswitches in order to turn multiple pedals on and off.

The Combinator 2 is a non-midi programmable effects switching system that handles up to eight pedals. Each pedal is connected to one of eight individual effects loops (two with stereo returns), and then assigned to one or more of 18 groups. Pushing the program switch for a group simultaneously engages all of the pedals assigned to it. So if, say, you have a fuzz, a wah, and a chorus assigned to program switch 1, pressing that switch will turn them all on or off.

The Combinator 2 features 18 programs, tuner output, master mute, three external switches on separate jack outputs. Programming is a snap. Just select a bank and press one of the program buttons, press the soft button corresponding to the pedals you want to include, press store, and you are done.

The Combinator 2 also features a power supply, providing eight individual 9-volt taps, one for each pedal.

Audio Samples: Coming Soon

I play all kinds of music for 15 years. The Combinator is a big help in making my own sound with the stomp boxes that I use (I never use digital effects). I can make all kind of combinations with my effects and put it under one button...what else do I need!

I am a session musician. I can't afford to have gear that fails or sounds weak.
Carl Martin makes products I like.
The Combinator is one of them.