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Carl Martin AC Tone Effects Pedal

Imagine Price: $235.00
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The Carl Martin AC-Tone is the natural successor to the successful Plexitone, where the Plexitone is a tribute to the well known Marshall “Plexi, is the AC-Tone a tribute to another British legend with its less “boomy” low end and characteristic mid’s, a tone used by legendary guitarist over the years, and a tone that is again popular as ever.

The AC-Tone offers two step overdrive, on two identical gain channels, on top of that it gives you an up to 20db clean boost channel. The Carl Martin AC-Tone is the next overdrive in the British voiced vein, and like the Plexitone it is a three-in-one pedal. The AC-Tone offers two channels of overdrive, voiced alike for preset usage, on top of that it gives you an up to 20dB clean boost channel. The overdrive is low to medium gained for a sweet and crispy tone with the mellow midrange that reminds one of the old TopBoost amps from the late 60's. The two channels are ranging from a mild breakup to a healthy overdriven sound. One channel can be used for that slightly chimey breakup, and the other channel can be set for more overdrive giving more saturated mids and drive. You can freely set the 2 Channels the way that best suits your needs. The AC-Tone has, as most Carl Martin pedals do, a built-in regulated (+-12V) power supply, to secure the necessary headroom that gives you the great tone that Carl Martin pedals are known for.

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i play many styles including pop, jazz, country, rock, etc but most of the music i play is influenced by the sound and tone of the 60s and 70s. i would buy another one of these if something happened to this one. i was playing with a fulltone full drive 2 for a while and it was okay, but not the sound i was looking for. the ac-tone is much more open and natural 'amp' sounding. and thank god, it's not a digital model of a great sound. it just is a great sound.

A instant classic, not as big and badass as the Plexitone, but that is the beauty of it, as it nails that vox/el 84 sound! The drive is very crisp and warm, good definitions and clarity, great midrange and an emphasis on amp like response. Sounds good with both single coils and humbuckers, with a LP with humbuckers it really gives that old school amp drive that with the awesome slight breakup drive you can get is a killer combination!
If you dig el-84/vox sounds, this one will make you smile.