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Imagine Guitars proudly carry Rivera Amplifiers. In August of 1976, Paul Rivera founded Rivera R&D in Southern California to provide for musicians and the music industry leading-edge design, development, and manufacturing of products based on the philosophy that the customer is the center of attention. Rivera manufactures only the absolute best in top-quality guitar amplifiers.

All of these fine amp / amp components are in stock and currently for sale.

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Featured In-Stock
Rivera K412T Stackable Speaker Cabinet
This is a classic Rivera K412T, four 12” speaker configuration, in a stackable Speaker cabinet. more...

Retail: $1,399
Imagine: $999
Rivera Knucklehead Guitar Amp Head
The Knucklehead is a patented 3 Channel Tri-Tone All Tube circuit architecture that give a player a range of incredible sounds. more...

Retail: $2,999
Imagine: $1,599
Rivera Fandango 212 – 55 Watt Combo Amp
The Rivera Fandango 212 55-watt amp features the bigger voice of two Celestion G12T-75 speakers in a gorgeous and deep cabinet. more...

Retail: $2,500
Imagine: $2,099
Rivera Sedona Lite Guitar Amp
Rivera pioneered the concept of a tube acoustic guitar amp, collaborating with the now-legendary Doyle Dykes to create the Sedona. more...

Retail: $1,499
Imagine: $1,099