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Rivera Knucklehead Guitar Amp Head

Design: Three Channel all Tubes
Power 100/50/25/12 Watts selectable
Dimensions: 26.75” X 11” X 10”
Weight: 62 lbs
Retail: $2,999
Rivera Knucklehead Guitar Amp Head

The Knucklehead is a patented 3 Channel Tri-Tone All Tube circuit architecture that give a player a range of incredible sounds. From shimmering and rich clean tones, to screaming high gain leads; impeccable note definition along with massive bottom end crunch tones can be reached. Three preamp Channels powered with 6 12AX7’s work to establish each with distinctive voicing and levels. Long-pan Hammond Spring Reverb containing dual reverb controls, allows adjustment of different reverb levels for lead and rhythm. Foot switch able Boosts on several channels are featured, as well as an effects loop bypass switch.

Lead/Crunch Channels include 3 bands of interactive passive tone controls. A pull scoop switch exits to deepen the midrange notch, and a pull bottom works for adding gobs of fatness on the low strings. For the Rhythm and Blues channel, 3 bands of equalization along with a pull bright switch, and a midrange pull notch switch give a choice of British/Tweed or American Blackface tones. Six foot switch able and distinct tones are easily accessible.