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Rivera Fandango 212 – 55 Watt Combo Amp

Cabinet: Material: Maple Solid Core Plywood
Cabinet Cover: Beige and Palomino Cream Tolex
Grille Cover: Tri-Tone Blonde and Oxblood
Dimensions: 27.25” X 19.5” X 12”
Weight: 73 lbs
Retail: $2,500
Rivera Fandango 212 – 55 Watt Combo Amp

Rivera Fandango 212 – 55 Watt Combo Amp for Guitar

The Rivera Fandango 212 55-watt amp features the bigger voice of two Celestion G12T-75 speakers in a gorgeous and deep cabinet. A fabulous 5 – 12AX7 preamp section with a lead channel like the Rivera Knucklehead Reverb, coupled with a powerhouse of EL-34 Watts and Celestion speakers, housed in a lust-full cabinet makes “Twin Killer” take on a new meaning. These amps are capable of handling practically any size gig. Like almost all Rivera amps (except for TBR and M/S Series) the Preamp Tubes are powered by a DC filament power supply, lowering all AC filament caused hum to disappear. This costly feature will help to ensure that in the case of a need to service and change the 12AX7 tubes, a host of different manufacturers devices may be used without fear of increased hum (many 12AX7’s have filament designs that cause hum in AC filament powered tube guitar amps, like most Fender, Marshall, and Mesa Boogie models).

The 100+ watt Output stage features 4 matched EL-34’s with massive output transformers from the Knucklehead Reverb. An impedance selector located on the rear panel for 4, 8, 16 ohm loads allows correct matching with any internal and external combination of speaker loads. Also, bottom end response is greatly enhanced by this massive piece of iron and copper audiophile quality output transformer. A Line output jack is also provided for sending line level signals to PA Mixers, Recording devices, or to slave to another amp. Another great Rivera feature is the standby-switch built into the speaker jack #1. This means that in the instance of inadvertently operating the amp without a load plugged into the speaker jack, you will not fear damaging the output transformer and Tubes/Tube Sockets. This also allows easy idle current measurement by a qualified technician when bias adjustment is necessary (all Rivera amps have an internal bias potentiometer provided).