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Orange Tiny Terror Portable Guitar Amp

Power: 15 Watts
Design: Tube Class A
Retail: $699
Orange Tiny Terror Portable Guitar Amp

Orange Tiny Terror Portable Guitar Amp with carrying case

In the studio, at rehearsal or on the stage, the Tiny Terror will enable you too achieve professional grade tube tone without breaking the bank.

There are two types of guitarist in the world. Those that play through consumer grade amplifiers and those that get to experience the amazing tone produced by professional grade products. For the first time ever, Orange has managed to squeeze every drop of their unique signature tone into a product that every guitarist can Afford – The Tiny Terror.

With 15 watts of available Class A valve power, the Tiny Terror is a highly versatile workhorse suited to a myriad of guitar playing scenarios. But despite being loud enough for rehearsal, and even small shows, it is in the studio that the benefits of this amplifier’s incredible tone can be felt the most