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Orange Crush 10 Guitar Amp

Power: 10 Watts
Design: Solid State
Retail: $99
Orange Crush 10 Guitar Amp

The Crush-10 is a single channel 10w solid-state combo amp, with three separate equalization controls, (low, mid, high), a master volume control, and two separate gain controls. It also has a headphone output jack, which mutes the speaker when the headphones are plugged in. I bought this little amp mainly for practicing, and for that duty, it is very well suited. I suppose you could mike it if you really liked the sound that much – but for me, it is just an “office” unit – I got sick of hauling my big amp upstairs just to monkey around on the guitar a bit. The amp’s sound controls are easy to figure out and easy to adjust. The esthetics of the unit are hard to resist – cool orange case, vintage-style grill covering, Orange medallion. Best part of all is the amp lives up to its legendary heritage. The sounds you can procure from this little rig are downright amazing. When I started playing I had a Peavey Decade 10 practice amp, which compared to this Orange amp, sounded like a cheesy AM transistor radio. My, things have certainly come a long way.