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Orange AD140HTC Twin Channel Amp Head

Power: 140 Watts
Retail: $2,500
Orange AD140HTC Twin Channel Amp Head

Orange AD140HTC Twin Channel Guitar Amp Head

Dubbed “The best amplifier in the world”, by UK magazine Guitarist, The Ad140 Lead is more than you could possibly imagine.

It’s always great to go home, grab your guitar, plug it in to your favorite amp, whack both the master and gain up to 10, and wig out…**Warning** DO NOT TRY THIS WITH THW AD140!!! Producing 140 watts of clean headroom and searing 200 watts of thick distortion the AD140 is not only liable to cause you serious health problems but your previously friendly neighbors will certainly not be impressed by your musicianship. This is an amp for guitarist who has tried the rest and need a little more.

On first consideration, many people consider a 140 Watt amp to only be suitable for full on stadium rock. Ironically the Ad140 is popular with country musicians looking for the cleanest tone possible at high volumes as well.