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Mesa Boogie Amplifiers
Imagine Guitars proudly carry Mesa Boogie Amplifiers . Mesa/Boogie is an exclusive American Custom Shop fiercely dedicated to innovative, custom hand-built designs, inspired by players’ desires for higher performance and driven by a passion to exceed their expectations of musical expression.

All of these fine amp / amp components are in stock and currently for sale.

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Featured In-Stock
MESA Boogie Lone Star Guitar Combo Amp
Guitar Player: The Lone Star is indeed an over the top sonic option box but it can also be a plug and play machine, and however you choose to employ the Lone Star’s armament. more...

Retail: $3,199
Imagine: $2,599
MESA Boogie Roadster Combo Amp
The classic four by 12” speaker arrangement typical of a Marshall cabinet package. more...

Retail: $6,500
Imagine: $4,999