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MESA Boogie Roadster Combo Amp

Power: 50 or 100 Watt selectable
Design: Tube Closed back 2-12”speakers
Cabinet: Beautiful Alligator Skin Cover

Retail: $6,500
MESA Boogie Roadster Combo Amp

MESA Roadster Combo Amp for Guitar

This all tube thoroughbred shares a class with only one other amplifier and that is the mighty Mesa Road King. In fact the Roadster is a Road King but one that has been stripped down to its most essential features. One FX Loop instead of two. One set of speaker jacks instead of two switch able sets. And simpler power tube switching with four 6L6’s but no EL34’s.

Up front are the same four foot-switch able preamps – each one offering three different voicing. Channels 1 and 2, both offer shimmering CLEAN and fuller FAT modes so you can dial in two ultimate rhythm sounds. And either one can be pushed over the threshold into a low gain clip. For authentic howling American Blues, set Channel One to Tweed. Or, for more grind and greater urgency, set Channel two to BRIT and leap across the Atlantic for a new attitude in English Rock.

Channel 3 and 4 pack all the mind altering, iconic sounds of our Dual rectifier Solo Head, handing you the keys to the world of high gain…past, present, and future the raw vintage and modern modes cover the entire range of gain from sweet clip through liquid voice up to a crushing wall of tight grind and are duplicated in both Channels.