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MESA Boogie Lone Star Guitar Combo Amp

Power: 50 or100 watt selectable
Design: Tubes
Cabinet: Beautiful Solid Flames Maple Cabinet

Retail: $3,199
MESA Boogie Lone Star Guitar Combo Amp

MESA Lone Star Combo Amp for Guitar

Guitar Player: The Lone Star is indeed an over the top sonic option box but it can also be a plug and play machine, and however you choose to employ the Lone Star’s armament. It will always be a hand made near bullet proof boutique styled amp that sounds magnificent. It absolutely earns the Editors Pick Award.

Guitar World: This is a well mannered ass-kicker that blows away the competition with righteous unapologetic perfection. Angelic clean, classic inspiring over-drive, musical deep reverb and soul melting high gain are all child’s play for this Mesa. It does not get much better than this at any price.

I do not have to say much more other than look at the photos. It is rare to have an amp sound this good and look better than most high end guitars. This has it all.