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Krank - Krankenstein Tube Guitar Head

Design: Tube Hand wired
Power: 100 Watts
Retail: $2,599.98
Krank - Krankenstein Tube Guitar Head

Krank – Krankenstein 100W Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

The Krank Krankenstein 100 W all Tube Guitar Amp Head has hand wired circuitry with brilliant tonal innovations designed and voiced by Dimebag Darrell himself.

Based on the flawless circuitry of the 100 watt Krank Revolution amp head, the Krankenstein features a Dime modified Kleen channel that’s warm and buttery with the hint of break up that Dime required to get his classic clean tones. To the already gain soaked overdrive channel Dime added an overall Master Volume control (so you can train wreck the channel master volumes into the overall Master Volume). And a level control on the effects loop. This 2-channel, all tube, high gain monster is loaded with premium Sovtek 5881 power tubes and premium Electro Harmonix 12AX7 preamp tubes.