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Imagine Guitars proudly carry Budda Amplifiers. Budda Amplification is a premier manufacturer of high-end, tube driven, amplifiers for electric guitar. Our line of amplifiers range from an 18-watt combo to a bone-crushing 80-watt stack. Based in San Francisco, CA, Budda Amplificaiton has been manufacturing amps since 1994.

All of these fine amp / amp components are in stock and currently for sale.

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Featured In-Stock
Budda 412 Speaker Cabinet System
The Budda 412 cabinet is a 4 X 12 inch speaker cabinet with a closed back with Budda proprietary Phat 12 speakers. more...

Retail: $1,100
Imagine: $899
Budda Superdrive 45 Combo Guitar Amp
With a pair of KT66 output tubes, The Superdrive 45 harks back to the Marshalls of the mid 1960’s, but with a feature set that’s a notch or two above vintage minimalism. more...

Retail: $2,695
Imagine: $2,299