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Budda 412 Speaker Cabinet System

Dimensions: 28.25” X 14” X 28.75”
Weight: 92 lbsBudda 412 Speaker Cabinet System with Phat 12 Speakers
Retail: $1,100
Budda 412 Speaker Cabinet System

The Budda 412 cabinet is a 4 X 12 inch speaker cabinet with a closed back with Budda proprietary Phat 12 speakers. This cabinet is recommended forplayers who are looking for superior bass response, mid range punch and a sweet creamy topend. Stacking two Budda Phat 412 cabinets under a Budda Head will deliver punch that willpart your hairline.

Composed in solid pine with finger jointed corners, you can drop it off a truck and it will not damage the concrete. This is the perfect cabinet solution for any power head. From Blistering top end to crushing crunch and lead tones, these speakers bring out the best of your instrument and amp.