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Imagine Guitars offers a diverse variety of fine quality amplifiers by Ashdown, Budda, Continental, Fuchs, Genz Benz, Heritage, Krank, Marshall, Mesa, Orange, Rivera, SWR and Zinky. These are not your everyday amp / amp components. We carry only the finest in amplification technology.

All of these fine amp / amp components are in stock and currently for sale.

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Ashdown Amplifiers
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Budda Amplifiers
Budda 412 Speaker Cabinet System
The Budda 412 cabinet is a 4 X 12 inch speaker cabinet with a closed back with Budda proprietary Phat 12 speakers. more...

Retail: $1,100
Imagine: $899
Budda Superdrive 45 Combo Guitar Amp
With a pair of KT66 output tubes, The Superdrive 45 harks back to the Marshalls of the mid 1960’s, but with a feature set that’s a notch or two above vintage minimalism. more...

Retail: $2,695
Imagine: $2,299

Engl Amplifiers
Engl Savage 120 E610 Amp Head
This is one of the best known Engl Heads, the Savage 120 sets new standards in modern rock music with its unique sound. Fast response and attack plus punchy headroom & dynamics are the trademark of this workhorse. Four basic sounds plus lots of handy features make the Savage 120 the ideal choice at the heart of a modern rock gig. The matching 412 speaker cabinet is also listed. more...

Retail: $2,699
Imagine: email
Engl E412 Speaker Cabinet
This is a Classic Speaker Cabinet with 4 Twelve inch Celestion Greenback G12-M speakers. This is a straight cabinet with a heavy duty metal grill. This is the perfect speaker combination for the Engl Savage 120 head we also have listed. more...

Retail: $1,399
Imagine: email

Fuchs Amplifiers
Fuchs Black Jack 21 Guitar Amp
Representing a new direction for Fuchs Audio Technology, the Blackjack 21 brings the high build quality and awesome tones people expect from Fuchs Products to a new more affordable price range. more...

Retail: $1,199
Imagine: $999


Genz Benz Amplifiers
Genz-Benz G-flex 412 Speaker Cabinet
This speaker cabinet from Genz-Benz is their G-Flex 412 with four 12”speakers in a rugged enclosure. more...

Retail: $1,299
Imagine: $999



Heritage Amplifiers
The Patriot Combo Guitar Amp
The Patriot Combo Amp from heritage has 45 watts of power from two 6l6 tubes or two EL34’s in a two 12” speaker arrangement. more...

Retail: $1,799
Imagine: $1499




Krank Amplifiers
Krank - Krankenstein Tube Guitar Head
The Krank Krankenstein 100 W all Tube Guitar Amp Head has hand wired circuitry with brilliant tonal innovations designed and voiced by Dimebag Darrell himself. more...

Retail: $2,599.98
Imagine: $1,999



Marshall Amplifiers
Marshal JMP20 Tube Power Guitar Amp
This is another classic Marshall Amp design built with all hand wired construction and the vintage Marshall looks. more...

Retail: $2,500
Imagine: $1,999
Marshall 412 Speaker Cabinet
The classic four by 12” speaker arrangement typical of a Marshall cabinet package. more...

Retail: $1,200
Imagine: $899

Mesa Amplifiers
MESA Boogie Lone Star Guitar Combo Amp
Guitar Player: The Lone Star is indeed an over the top sonic option box but it can also be a plug and play machine, and however you choose to employ the Lone Star’s armament. more...

Retail: $3,199
Imagine: $2,599
MESA Boogie Roadster Combo Amp
The classic four by 12” speaker arrangement typical of a Marshall cabinet package. more...

Retail: $6,500
Imagine: $4,999

Orange Amplifiers
Orange Tiny Terror Portable Guitar Amp
In the studio, at rehearsal or on the stage, the Tiny Terror will enable you too achieve professional grade tube tone without breaking the bank. more...

Retail: $699
Imagine: $599

Rivera Amplifiers
Rivera K412T Stackable Speaker Cabinet
This is a classic Rivera K412T, four 12” speaker configuration, in a stackable Speaker cabinet. more...

Retail: $1,399
Imagine: $999

Splawn Amplifiers
Splawn Quick Rod 100 Watt Amp head in Plexi Red and Gold
This is the most amazing all Tube Amp around. If you are a fan of classic Marshall Amps then you will love this animal. Starting out customizing old Marshall Amps, Splawn now makes their own products and what an amp they make. The new “Quick Rod” from Splawn is a Marshal Like amp with some very desirable features. This head is powered at 100 watts and switch-able to 50 watts. more...

Retail: $1,950
Imagine: email

Splawn Custom 412 Speaker cabinet in Plexi Red and Gold
This is a traditional slant cabinet with 4 12 inch speakers from Eminence. It is wrapped in Plexi Red and Gold with a Cane Basket Weave Grill. The Splawn “Big Block” speakers are similar to Eminence G12H30’s.. It is also available with Celestion speakers. This is the perfect matching speaker cabinet for the Splawn 100 Watt “Quick Rod” head. more...

Retail: $1,100
Imagine: email

SWR Amplifiers
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Zinky Amplifiers
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Continental – Tone King Combo Guitar Amp
The Continental Tone King is a Combo Guitar amp with surprising all tube tone and volume for a cabinet of this size. more...

Retail: $1,999
Imagine: $1,499

Marshall 1987 MKII Hand-wired Guitar Amp Head
This is a Classic Marshall Amp with all the tone at lower power. more...

Retail: $2,400
Imagine: $1,899



Orange AD140HTC Twin Channel Amp Head
Dubbed “The best amplifier in the world”, by UK magazine Guitarist, The Ad140 Lead is more than you could possibly imagine. more...

Retail: $2,500

Rivera Knucklehead Guitar Amp Head
The Knucklehead is a patented 3 Channel Tri-Tone All Tube circuit architecture that give a player a range of incredible sounds. more...

Retail: $2,999
Imagine: $1,599